Sunday, March 5, 2017

CALL FOR ARTISTS- Art Group Exhibition October 2017- Jugglers Art Space



Gemma Garcia invites EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST from artists at all stages of their career for inclusion in JUGGLERS ART SPACE GALLERY for an Art Group Exhibition entitled “PICASSO TODAY” coordinated and curated by Gemma Garcia. 

As a coordinator receiving many EOI applications, she will only email you should your work be aligned with the upcoming exhibition theme.  

Please feel free to complete your EOI application with images if you think relevant. A deposit and participation fee is required from all artists to be involved in the exhibition, and the total amount will vary depending on the total number of the artists exhibiting (See table of the “Estimated participation cost” in the GUIDELINES document). 

A commission from Jugglers Art space, is taken on all works on sale and is generally 22% of the supplied retail value. Please read the Terms and Conditions before submitting your expression of interest.

“PICASSO TODAY” coordinated & Curated by Gemma Garcia

Expressions of Interest may be submitted to Gemma Garcia  before March 15th, 2017 for the Art group exhibition.

Art Group Exhibition “Picasso Today” will be prepared for October 2017, during the days: 27th of October until 7th of November 2017. 

Note: on the 26th of October, it will be the installation day and on the 8th of November the uninstall day. 

Expressions of Interest are accepted from artists and are limited to one per applicant.

1. Introduction.
2. Terms and Conditions Art Group Exhibition PICASSO TODAY 2017.
3. Check list.
4. Expression of Interest Form PICASSO TODAY 2017

1. Introduction- Art Group Exhibition “PICASSO TODAY”.

Useful information to note:

Only 8 participants will be accepted for this Art Group exhibition. Only 2 spaces left.
Applications Close – March 15th, 2017 (received by close of business 5pm)
All applicants will be notified of the Expression of Interest (EOI) outcome by email, after March 25th, 2017.
All EOI’s will be considered on the quality of work submitted, concept, suitability, and appropriateness. 
Artists are responsible for costs associated with an opening event, rental Art Gallery space & curatorial and coordination, these costs are covered with the payment of the Exhibition fee. (See information in point 2.3 Participation Fee)
Artists will provide all label information, Artist Statement, and pictures of the artworks for the exhibition, one month before the exhibition opening. (This information will be update later)

Artists are invited to submit an EOI ‘Expression of Interest’ to present an exhibition of art, sculpture, installation work, photography, 3D works, ceramics, fabric and textile art, video/multimedia film at the Art group exhibition who will be launch at Jugglers Art Space. Brisbane.

The vision of Gemma Garcia is to provide a facility that serves as a vibrant and creative opportunity for the arts and for the use and enjoyment of the Brisbane Art community and beyond.

“Picasso Today” is the theme of the Art group exhibition. 
It is an invitation to the  Australian Artists to investigate and discover the Spanish culture of this famous artist. 
Artists are encouraged to transform these ideas of the Spanish Icon Picasso into a contemporary interpretation of his Artworks and life today in Australia.

Here are some ideas:

How would be Picasso today? How would be his Art works now and /or in Australia? 

What do you like from Picasso expressions or…what do you not like? If you would be Picasso today, how would be your Art interpretation?

These are some ideas to starting your brainstorming to create your masterpiece!
Why must you to participate at this exhibition?

This exhibition will be providing you with the opportunity to improve your Artworks, your contact with the Brisbane Art community and express your creativity.

Also, your participation will give you more value to your Curriculum Vitae.

Exhibiting permits you to access to some of the various Art competitions and Awards. In future events, you will need to provide a proof as an active Professional Artist.

Any questions, please  feel free to contact Gemma Garcia: