Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Mural Commission 2017- 20 Malt St “The Galleries on Brunswick”

Mural Commission Site: 20 Malt St “The Galleries on Brunswick”

ARTWORK THEME: Fortitude Valley

DESIGN TITLE: Fortitude Ship

Jimmy Shaw Business Director of the Galleries on Brunswick

Vas katsigiannis Secretary and Treasurer of the Galleries on Brunswick

Gemma Garcia Visual Artist. Art Group Exhibitions Coordinator & Curator

Addresses the Curatorial Rationale Artwork Themes

Cultural Research:
The walls are situated at 20 Malt St, The Galleries on Brunswick. Fortitude Valley.

I did a cultural research of the area, and my eyes were captivated by the “Fortitude Ship” who gave the name to the suburb.

I decided to combine some elements and colours from the Ship and the sea in my design to represent the trip of the first Immigrants who arrived to Brisbane.  Also, the suburb is very close to China Town, so the rich cultural people living together inspired me. 

 Fortitude Ship

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Artist Statement 

Contrast, colours, movement, Australia, Heritage.
This design has an emotional connection with the Artist due to the fact that she is Spanish living permanently in Australia, understanding the immigration process and be able to integrate in the new community. It is not just making Art, it is to share and collaborate in the country.

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Gemma Garcia:

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